Summary of VOLKS Incorporated

The starting point of our company
" To serve our customers through the world of hobby. "

The VOLKS GROUP that was established to focus on each of the specialty fields of our enterprises; 'ZOUKEI-MURA', which creates, 'VIRGINAL ART', which manufactures, and 'VOLKS', which delivers. Through the world of hobby we answer the many requests of our customers. You could also consider this as a functioning basis by which we can give as many people as possible the chance to flourish in the world of hobby.

VOLKS Incorporated President & CEO Hideyuki Shigeta

Corporate Name
Main Office
60 Goshonouchi Nakamachi, Shichi-jo, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 600-8862
December 3rd, 1972
Company President
Hideyuki Shigeta
98 million yen
Annual Turnover
7 billion yen
Number of Employees
About Our Services and Products
1. Retailing hobbies and models
2. Distributing hobbies and models (domestic)
3. Manufacturing hobbies and models
4. All kinds of enterprises is related above

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