Dollfie Dream®

Product Information

Limited Edition:Dollfie Dream® KOS-MOS Ver.4
Sculpted by : Kosuke Kitahara (ZOUKEI-MURA INC.)
Outfit Production : VOLKS Doll Design Department
Eyes : Dollfie® Animetic Eyes “KOS-MOS Ver.4” Original Design, Metallic, 20mm
Wig : “KOS-MOS Ver.4” Original Style, DD Size
Head : “KOS-MOS Ver.4” Original Head
Body : Dollfie Dream® Base Body III, Semi-White Skin, L Shapely Bust
Includes : Doll, Wig, Head Chains, Elastic Band for Head Accessories, Cropped Halter Top, Mini Dress, Arm Covers, Clear Elastic Belt for Hip Accessories, Garter Belt, Socks, Panties, Right Thigh Belt, Right Knee Belt, Leg Covers, Armor Parts, Handgun, Dragon Tooth, Optional Hands for Hand Vulcans (Left/Right Set), Optional Hand for Knife (Right Hand Only), Optional Hand for Handgun (Right Hand Only), Marking Decals, Optional Blue Animetic Eyes
Price : 95,000 JPY (+fee)
Pre-order Period : From Saturday, December 1st, 2012 to Sunday, January 20th, 2013 (Japan time)
[ Accepting pre-orders has been closed. ]
Project Schedule : Oversea »
Japan »


  • * Please be careful as the color of the outfit may stain the surface of the doll.
  • * Please be careful as the color of the wig may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of a "Dollfie® Head Cap" to prevent the wig from staining the doll's head.
  • * The doll is made of soft vinyl. Please keep away from heat.
  • * The outfit contains very delicate sewn areas.
       Rough treatment is liable to cause damage, so please take care when handling the outfit.
  • * The item pictured is a sample.
        Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.




“KOS-MOS Ver.4” comes with a new skin color, “Semi-White”! Semi-White is a skin color that is between Normal Skin and White Skin. Its transparency and brightness make DD’s skin look as warm as that of a human being; that is the charm of this unique skin color. Keeping in the way of Normal Skin and White Skin, relevant developments such as Optional Parts in the new regular skin color “Semi-White” will be introduced in the near future. Please do look forward to Semi-White Skin, which will display the character of DD even more widely and attractively.


The complexion of Semi-White is a little bit fairer than Normal Skin and has more redness than White Skin. As a skin color between Normal Skin and White Skin, although Semi-White is obviously different from both of them, it is very complementary when they are displayed together. Moreover, another irresistible charm point of Semi-White Skin is that it matches perfectly with any outfits, whether in dark or light colors.

DD bodies in Semi-White skin will be displayed soon in Japanese Volks Stores. Don’t miss the chance to feel the attraction of Semi-White Skin, which is so transparent and bright that you unconsciously want to touch it.

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