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List of all Volks Dollfie Dream® Original Character Models.

DD Standard Models: they’re the girls you can meet any time you visit our stores. They are waiting for you, at all of our VOLKS Showrooms and Tenshi-no-Sumika locations. Which of them suits you best?




These are our DD Limited Edition Models that are sold especially for our Dolls Party and other events. Here we’ll introduce our VOLKS Original Characters. Look forward to this lineup expanding!

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Dollfie Dream®

Dollfie Dream® Dynamite

  • Dollfie Dream® Dynamite
    White Christmas Ver.
  • “ Afterschool Akihabara Girls ”
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Mini Dollfie Dream®

Dollfie Dream® Sister

Lost Angels Story × Dollfie Dream®

  • Dollfie Dream®
  • Lost Angels Story
  • Dollfie Dream®
  • Lost Angels Story
  • Dollfie Dream®
  • Lost Angels Story