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Mini Dollfie Dream® Base Body
Dollfie Dream® Sister Base Body
Dollfie Dream® Base Body II, Dollfie Dream® Base Body III
Dollfie Dream® Dynamite

For everyone who loves Semi-White Skin, now a base body is released!

Semi-White Skin version joins in the DD Base Body III series with easily exchangeable body parts, great articulation and posing abilities.

♦ Release Date:
October 11, 2014(Japan Standard Time)
♦ Special WebSite:
Dollfie Dream® Gathering 2014 »
  • MDD Base Body III
  • S Bust,
    Normal Hands
  • [ Normal ]
    [ Semi-White ] NEW
  • DDS Base Body
  • M Bust,
    Loosely Fisted Hands
  • [ Normal ]
    [ Semi-White ] NEW
  • DD Base Body III
  • M Bust,
    Normal Hands
  • [ Normal ]
    [ Semi-White ] NEW
  • DDdy Base Body III
  • Normal Bust,
    Normal Hands
  • [ Normal ]
    [ Semi-White ] NEW


* This item is the base body only. Head etc are not included.
* Please take care to avoid staining. Please store in a location away from high temperatures.
* The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.


In complete contrast to DD and DD Dynamite, the MDD’s appeal is in its tiny and adorable body. It is now possible to create characters that could never before have been reproduced via DD. And even though they’re small, they’ve inherited the basic standards of mobility and so on from the DD, so they’re perfect for lively posing! Specially designed option parts are also available, giving them the same customizable vibe as DD.

Compared to the svelte model body of the DD, the MDD’s immense charm is in its pudgy, childishness! And attach a DD head to an MDD body and you’ll get a totally different vibe. Your DD can transform to be even smaller and cuter!

Skin Color:
Body Spec:
DD Inner Frame (DIFF), MDD-B-01S (S Bust)
Mini Dollfie Dream® ‘Mirai’
Approximate Measurements for MDD Mirai:
Tall: 435mm, Bust: (S 155mm/ M 170mm / L 183mm), Waist: 135mm, Hip:185mm, Leg length: 210mm
Option Parts:
MDD Option Parts »


The final of the seven special major projects to celebrate the 7th anniversary was this: a dream-like new body, the ‘Dollfie Dream® Sister’ (DDS)! The DDS is not just another new body variation on the DD. Right top to the frame itself, this is an entirely new body, all of it crafted completely anew.
(1) A New Size:
with a height just over 50cm, this body size is almost half a head smaller than the standard DD, giving her a sweetness like that of a younger ‘sister’ to the DD. She brings a whole new possibility to the expressiveness of DD.
(2) Mobility:
the overall mobility was enhanced, in particular the elbow and hip joints, to allow her to recreate even more charming poses. The broad posing range has become even broader.
(3) A Beautiful Appearance:
and of course the external beauty the DD series has always been so particular about is as strong as ever. The joints have been made as inconspicuous as possible, and the smooth and curvaceous beauty of one almost an adult has been carefully recreated.
(4) Improved Holding Capability:
various joint areas have had their holding capability greatly improved so that they can maintain poses even when she’s holding weapons or similar in her hands. Together with her enhanced mobility, this makes for a truly easy to handle body.
(5) Compatibility:
although the height is different, the body size is similar to the DD, meaning it’s possible for her to wear DD sized outfits just as they are! And of course the head, hand and feet parts are completely compatible with DD.
(6) Exchangeability:
starting with the legs, the ease of removing and attaching each body part has been greatly improved. And we have plans to sell many of those parts separately in the future!


DD Base body II

The standard DD series. Her charm is the beautiful silhouette and high posing capability! Areas that demand delicacy, such as the breasts and fingers, are even softer to the touch. This, together with her overall sleekness, gives the DD her tactile expressiveness. With the impression given by her outfits and wigs, she can become cute, sweet, or sexy; the various ways her expression changes is another of her features. Without a doubt, you will find a girl to suit your tastes.

There is a wide variety of items for the DD series, such as outfits, option parts, and more!
There are also standard series DD models, which we certainly recommend to those welcoming their very first DD.

Skin Color:
Normal, White
Body Spec:
DD Inner Frame (DIFF), DDII-B-01(M Bust)
Dollfie Dream® Standard Model ‘Aoi’
Approximate Measurements for DD Aoi:
Tall: 570mm, Bust: (M 225mm / L 250mm), Waist: 145mm, Hip:225mm, Leg length: 310mm
Option Parts:
DD Option Parts »


DD Base body III

A dream-like new body, the ‘Dollfie Dream® Sister’ (DDS). The “DD Base Body III”, which has inherited the performance of the Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS). The line of the body is almost the same as the current DD Base Body II so DD Base body III is compatible with DD Dresses, Option Heads and Option Hand Parts but this new body has as much articulation and pose-ability as the DDS. The possible expressions have been extended even further!


Whatever you say, the DD Dynamite's feature is that charming dynamite body! Just like its name, the sheer force of its lively bust and hip silhouette is extraordinary! In particular, take note of the joint at the bust and hips. We challenged ourselves to put the joint directly below the bust, so that the hips will look gorgeous when wearing outfits.
Yes, the DD Dynamite body only increases its charms when dressed ? it really is a dream body. It also has an abundance of variations, such as the ‘Shapely Bust’ which makes the bust even more charming when wearing clothes with a low-cut front, and the more natural and curvaceous ‘Natural Bust’.

Without a doubt, the Dynamite body is “good! So good!” Just looking at it makes your heart beat a little faster. And of course another great point is that there are many areas that crossover with standard DD, such as the hand parts, shoe size etc. And naturally the head size is also the same as DD!

Skin Color:
Body Spec:
DD Inner Frame (DIFF), DDdy-B-01(Normal Bust)
Dollfie Dream® Dynamite ‘Yukino’
Approximate Measurements for DDdy Yukino:
Tall: 565mm, Bust: (Normal 265mm / Sharply 265mm, Natural 265mm), Waist: 160mm, Hip:275mm, Leg length: 305mm
Option Parts:
DDdy Option Parts »


  • *Please be careful as the color of the wig or outfit may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of "Dollfie® Head Cap"to prevent the wig staining the doll’s head.
  • * When putting the “Head Cap” on, we recommend the use of "Pitatto Wig (Wig Stopper)" to avoid slippage.
  • * Some wigs may utilize a process by which short frizzy hairs are inserted into the inner area of the wig in order to improve the overall volume.
  • *This doll is made of PVC. Please keep away from heat.
  • *The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.