【VS/VIP会員様限定】ドルフィー® オーナーズ感謝祭  お気に入りのドルフィー®と行く心の旅路『夢のホテルニューアカオin熱海』

(VS / VIP Members Limited) Dollfie® 20th Anniversary Special Project
Dollfie® Owners Appreciation Fair Dream-like Journey with your Dollfie®
Hotel New Akao in Atami

Event Outline

May 24th (Fri) and 25th (Sat), 2019 / over-night trip
Akao Resort in Atami
〒413-0033 1993-250 Atami, Atami City
URL: http://www.i-akao.com/

This is VS / VIP members-limited event.
However, customers who live overseas can join this event with "One-day Visitors Pass".
The pass is for overseas customers who are visiting Japan for short-time stay.

This tour is planned and organized by "JTB Corp. Kyoto Office".
For an application, please send an e-mail to "JTB Corp. Kyoto Office".
*An application cannot be made through VOLKS Website.

If you have any questions about this event or need more information, please e-mail to
"JTB Corp. Kyoto Office", too.

Contact JTB Corp. Kyoto Office
"Dollfie® Owners Appreciation Fair"
e-mail m_sakuragi586@jtb.com

Application Steps

Make an application via e-mail.
(Application Deadline: February 28th, 2019 March 18th, 2019)
We will send you an e-mail with "payment request"
(End of March)
We will send you a confirmation letter with detailed tour information.
*Customers with One-day Visitors Pass will have it upon check-in.
You will join the event
(May 24th and 25th, 2019)
What is "One-day Visitors Pass"?
This pass is for overseas customers who are visiting Japan for short-time stay.
You can have a right to join VS / VIP members-limited event by applying and making payment (300 JPY / with tax) for a pass.
Valid only for the days of the event (May 24th and 25th, 2019)
Please make payment for the pass upon check-in.



One-day Visitor's Pass
When you send an e-mail to JTB Corp. for making an application or an inquiry, JTB staff will reply to you in English or Korean language. However the guidelines and itinerary of this event are basically written in Japanese language. We ask for your understanding on this matter in advance.
Some services are not available to overseas customers with One-day Visitors Pass. Your kind understanding is appreciated.
Customers who live overseas can join this VS/VIP members-limited event with "One-day Visitors Pass ".
*If you need special attention or service, please contact us in advance.
We do not accept applications by mail or fax. Please send an e-mail.
People younger than 20 years old cannot join this event.
You cannot get VOLKS points by paying for the tour cost or purchasing Limited Items.
Please make payment with your credit card.
Event / Limited Items
Dolls you can bring to the event with you are limited to Super Dollfie® and Dollfie Dream® only.
Each Limited Item is limited to one per customer.
If the number of applications exceeds capacity (tour, limited items and optional plans), we will hold a lottery.
*You will be able to have the items marked with "Delivery 100% guaranteed" for sure by placing an order, making a payment in advance, and joining the event.
To ensure everyone can enjoy the event, please read the followings.
Customers who come to the event are considered to have read and agreed with all the terms as below. If you do not agree to the following things, we'd like to ask you to refrain from coming to the event.
  1. 1. Any act imposing trouble on the other customers
    If a customer may do anything imposing troubles on the other customers, such as "queue jumping", "saving place for others in the waiting line", "threat and intimidation", or "causing uproar or making noise", we'd like to ask him / her to refrain from joining the event.
  2. 2. Agreement on the PR activities (Photographing, etc.)
    In the event, our staff will take pictures or video, and put them on our website and publications; the customers and their Dollfie® may be photographed or filmed. All the customers who come to the event are considered to agree with these photographing.
  3. 3. Follow the instructions given by JTB Corp. and the hotel staffs
    We try to address the problems occurred during the event according to company rules of JTB Corp. and the hotel. The customers who come to the event are considered to have agreed with it.
Smoking is prohibited in the hotel / all the rooms. We ask or your understanding.
For the smooth running of the event, VOLKS Inc., JTB Corp. and Hotel New Akao will decide what to do at our discretion in case of contingency. For example, we may set admission regulations to each booth, or change allocation of the rooms.


Q : Can I transfer a right to join the event to someone else?
A : You cannot transfer, sell, or borrow a right to join the event or purchase Limited Items to any other individuals.
Q : Cancellation (including the cancellation on the day of the event)
A : If you cancel your reservation after making payment, the accommodation fee will be refunded according to the refund policy.
Basically, the other payment made for Limited Items will be fully refunded.
Q : Can I change the content of my application? (add or cancel the orders for Limited Items or optional plans)
A : We are sorry, but we cannot accept any change.
Q : Can I have the Limited Items I ordered on the day of the event?
A : Yes, now we are trying our best to make them ready on the day of the event.


旅行お申込みに関するお問合せ 旅行企画・実施:株式会社JTB 京都支店
〒600-8023 京都市下京区河原町通松原上ル2丁目富永町338 京阪四条河原町ビル7階
TEL.075-365-7722 (平日9:30~17:30 土日祝は休業)
イベント内容に関するお問合せ 催事企画・主催:株式会社ボークス
TEL.075-325-1171(平日11:00~18:00 土日祝除く)