Moon Crisis Make Up!
The Holy Grail upgrades Sailor Moon!
With this Outfit Set, Sailor Moon can transform into Super Sailor Moon!
Look at the waist bow which is spread like a butterfly! This dress demonstrates both her strength and elegance♪

“Super Sailor Moon” Transformation Outfit Set

SizeDDS (SS/S/M Bust Only), DDS Boys, DD (SS/S/M Bust Only), DD Boys
IncludesHair Accessory (×2) / Choker / Choker Charm / Leotard Dress / Compact / Gloves / Gloves for Gripping Hands / Glove for Idol-Love Hand (Left Hand) / Glove for Pointing Hand (Right Hand) / Boots
ModelDDS Sailor Moon (M Bust)
Price14,630 JPY (without tax)
Release Period ■How to Purchase①:Pre-sales at Dolpa 38
December 17th (Sun), 2017 (JST) [ * No longer available. ]

■How to Purchase②:Sales at VOLKS Stores and VOLKS Website Store
January 20th (Sat), 2018 ~ (JST) [ * No longer available. ]
* Doll is not included.
* Some items included in “DDS Sailor Moon” are needed for transformation into “Super Sailor Moon”.
* The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
* The listed “DDS (SS/S/M Bust)” and “DD (SS/S/M Bust)” are suitable for both regular DDS, DD, and each one-piece torso.


Released Item

  • “Super Sailor Moon” Transformation Outfit Set
How to Purchase1Pre-sales at Dolpa 38
DateDecember 17th (Sun), 2017 (JST) [ * No longer available. ]
AtDolpa 38 in Joint Festival 6 “Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP”
(Tokyo Big Sight East 1/2 Hall)

“Super Sailor Moon” Transformation Outfit Set will be available at Dolpa 38 and After Event.
They will be on display at Dolpa 38, and available for sale at Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP.
If you want to buy these items, please line up for “Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP Waiting Line”.

  • * Admission Ticket and Guide Book are necessary. Please purchase them in advance before coming to Dolpa.
  • * We will hold a lottery to decide who can go into the shop first. Please check the details on the Guide Book.
How to Purchase2Sales at VOLKS Stores and VOLKS Website Store
ボークス店舗 ホビー天国ウェブ
DateJanuary 20th (Sat), 2018 ~ (JST) [ * No longer available. ]
AtTenshi-no-Sumika, Doll Point Akihabara, Hobby Square Kyoto, VOLKS Website Store

“Super Sailor Moon” Transformation Outfit Set released at Dolpa will be available for sale at After Event which will take place at VOLKS Stores in Japan.

  • * The sale of “Dollfie Dream® Sister Sailor Moon” starts from January 21st (Sun), 2018. Please be careful.
  • * Please note that they are not available for sale at “Tenshi-no-Mado”, “Tenshi-no-Sato”, and “Akihabara Hobby Paradise” because any Dollfie Dream® related item is not available at these stores.
  • * They are not available through VOLKS Mail Order (telephone order) System.
  • ●On the first day: January 20th (Sat), 2018, each store has different guideline. Please check each store’s guideline and come to the designated place at the designated time. Some stores hold lotteries. Based on the lottery numbers you draw, we will ask you to form a queue again and enter the store in order when the store opens. Some stores will serve on a first-come, first-served basis.
    * Please visit the special site in VOLKS Website to check the details.
  • ●Before visiting us, please check the “business days” and “opening hours” of the store of your interest.
  • ●Sales procedure via the website is partially different. Please visit the special site in VOLKS Website Store for the details.
  • ●As these items will be available with limited stocks, they might be sold out. Your kind understanding is appreciated.

Dolls Party 38 After Event