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Project Schedule

Project Schedule

Project Schedule

* Japan Standard Time
* The schedules for Volks Overseas Stores are different; please visit the official website of each store for the details.
* Please be aware that the delivery schedule may change, or that we may divide shipping into multiple groups depending on how many orders we receive.

How to place a pre-order

  The dreamy collaboration “Hatsune Miku × Dollfie Dream®

“Snow Miku”, a character who enlivens Hokkaido in winter, is appearing as a Dollfie Dream®!
In marked contrast to DD Hatsune Miku’s cool beauty as an Electronic Diva,
for DD Snow Miku, we tried to enhance her cuteness.
Lovely and expressive make-up, big magnetic eyes, two-tone wig…It is full of charms unique to Snow Miku.

Since this is a made-to-order production, all orders placed during the Pre-Order Period are guaranteed to be fulfilled!

Pre-order via the Website (*VOLKS JAPAN Website Store)

*For customers who want to place a pre-order online, please check the special site in the VOLKS Website Store for the details.

Pre-order at VOLKS Overseas Stores

“VOLKS USA, INC.” and “Tenshi-no-Sumika in Seoul” will accept pre-orders.
For detailed information, please visit the official website of each store.

*For customers in Japan

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