Hatsune Miku, an Electronic Diva loved by everyone, has finally come to the world of Dollfie Dream®


Dollfie Dream® Hatsune Miku
Serika Misaki (ZOUKEI-MURA INC.)
VOLKS Doll Design Department / iXima
Eyes:Dollfie® Animetic Eyes “Hatsune Miku” Original Design, Metallic, 22mm
Wig:“Hatsune Miku” Original Style, DD Size
Head:“Hatsune Miku” Original Head
Body:Dollfie Dream® Base Body III, Semi-White Skin, SS Bust
Includes:Doll / Wig / Hair Accessories (x 2) / Headset / Necktie / Necktie Pin / Blouse / Arm Covers / Decoration Parts for Arm Covers (x2) / Skirt with Belt / Panties / Boots / Normal Left Hand (DDII-H-01-SW) / Paper-Outspread Right Hand (DDII-H-04-SW) / Special Decal / DD Skin Protect Tape (Semi-White) / Owner-Limited Wig Order Form
Price:62,000 JPY (without tax)
“SNOW MIKU 2016” Opening Project No.1! Released in limited quantities!!

February 6th (Sat) ~
February 21st (Sun), 2016 (JST)
[ No longer accepting lottery entries. ]

* DD Hatsune Miku comes with a Normal Right Hand (DDII-H-01-SW) and a Paper / Outspread Left Hand (DDII-H-04-SW).
Her hands are special editions with painted nails.

●Color staining is not an initial failure.
* Please be careful as the color of the outfit or wig may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of “Dollfie® Head Cap (L size)”, “DD Full Bodysuits, Body Stockings (various types)”, and “DD Skin Protect Tape (Semi-White)” to prevent the staining.

* The body is made of soft vinyl. Please keep in a location away from high temperatures.
* The item contains very delicate sewn areas, so please handle it with extra care.
* The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
* This product is aimed at people over 15 years old.