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Joint Festival 4 - Entrance recommendations

According to your purpose,
purchase in advance the necessary ticket!

Joint Festival 4 (HOBBY ROUND 16, Dolls Party 36) requires an
“admission ticket” and the “guidebook” for admission and participating to the event.
Get the combination that best suits the way you enjoy your event.

Ticket types * Available from: November 19th (Sat) 12:00, 2016 (Japan Standard Time)
* Available until: December 2nd (Fri) 2016 until 24:00 (Japan Standard Time)
  • * You’re not entitled for admission ( or early entrance ) with the “Guidebook” only. Please buy an admission ticket.
  • *“Admission ticket” and “Guidebook” will be available on the event day once the preparation is complete, not earlier than the opening. We recommend you to purchase in advance as it might be very crowded.
  • * For early entrance, buy “Admission ticket” and “Guidebook” in advance ( within the day before ).
  • * Please note that “Admission ticket” and “Guidebook” might be sold out as the event draws near.
  • *“Xpass set” is available on VOLKS Website Store only. Not available in stores or via direct mail.
  • * Xpass is not available separately. Please consider it before you get your “Admission ticket” and “Guidebook”.
  • * All the prices listed include taxes.

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