Joint Festival 4 -2016 Winter-

Sunday, December 18th 2016 11:00AM~5:00PM (JST)

What is Joint Festival

The essence of VOLKS Hobby world in 2 big, JOINT events!

HOBBY ROUND, for you hobby-builders
Dolls Party, the world’s greatest doll themed event
A unique, fun, enjoyable party for all you hobby fans,
This is VOLKS “Joint Festival” !!

▼ Event Outline

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What is Dolls Party?

The world-largest doll themed festival for dolls and their owners♪
Commonly known as "Dolpa"!
A special day when the largest number of "SD (Super Dollfie®)", "DD (Dollfie Dream®)" and
their owners from all over the world get together.
Meet new Dollfies, welcome them, enjoy shopping in the Dealer's Market where you’ll find plenty of dresses, shoes, and small accessories.
A fairy-tale-like world… This is Dolls Party!

New Dollfie Items Purchase Information

(2016.12.28 Update) “Winter 2016 New Dollfie (R)” Shipping will be divided / For pre-orders at Dolls Party 36 in Joint Festival 4

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A “Customer Inclusive Hobby Event” held by VOLKS,
this is HOBBY ROUND (HR for short)!
Buy our products, enjoy the exposures and, besides that,
“be a protagonist” in the several spaces prepared for you!
Plus, enjoy a much larger “Dealer space”,
the place where you’ll find creators and their works from all over Japan!
Are you ready for a whole, striking “hobby-only day” ?
We’ll be waiting for you!!

Information to guest of Joint Festival 4

Event Outline

Joint Festival 4 -2016 Winter -
Sunday, December 18th 2016 11:00AM~5:00PM (JST)
      ( Early entrance 10:00AM~ Must have Guidebook )
HOBBY ROUND 16    Dolls Party36
      What is Hobby Round?  What is Dolls Party?
Admission fee
Joint Festival 4 Admission Ticket
          Pre-sale 800 JPY (with fee) , Event day 1,000 JPY (with fee)
(Same price for pre-sale and event-day sale)
  • HOBBY ROUND 16 Official Guidebook 700 JPY (with fee)
  • Dolls Party 36 Official Guidebook  1,500 JPY (with fee)

If you want to enjoy Joint Festival 4 at the fullest,
get a Guidebook too!

More details about tickets and guidebooks here

* Schedule may be subject to change without prior notice.

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