Information to guest of Dolpa

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To the customers who come to the Dolls Party

The customers who come to the event are considered to have read and agreed with all the instructions as below.
For the customer who may do the following things in the event, please refrain from coming to the Dolls Party.

1. Any act imposing trouble on the other customers
If a customer may do anything imposing troubles on the other customers, such as “queue jumping”, “saving place for others in the waiting line”, “threat and intimidation”, or “causing uproar or making noise”, please refrain from attending the Dolls Party.
2. Agreement on the PR activities (Photographing, etc.)
In the event, our staff will take pictures or video, and put them on our website and publications; the customers and their Dollfie® may be photographed or filmed. All the customers who come to the Dolls Party are considered to agree with these photographing.
3. Violation of the rules of the Dolls Party
If a customer does not follow the rules or the instructions of the staff, we will take appropriate action according to the circumstances.
* Please make sure to read “Entrance Guide” and “Attentions” on the guidebook.

To ensure everyone can enjoy the event, please follow the terms and conditions below.

To make the Dollfie® World a comfortable place that everyone can enjoy, please follow all the instructions and etiquette properly.

For Security Concern

If any visitor who is found of violating of public orders or disturbing the other customers, he/she would be asked to leave.

  • * In this case, the admission ticket (Guide Book) will be confiscated without refund.
  1. ○Please follow the instructions of the staff to line up for admission. While you are lining up, please keep waiting in the line or move towards according to staff’s guidance.
  2. ○Saving place for others or queue jumping at the waiting line and waiting area is strictly prohibited.
  3. ○Please do not touch or put your things on the obstacles (bars, chains, cones, and desks) used in waiting lines and waiting areas. And do not climb over them.
  4. ○Please do not leave trash. Take your trash home or put it into a trash can.
  5. ○The use of products causing fire or smoke is prohibited. Smoking is only allowed at the designated smoking areas. However, according to the circumstance of event, there is a possibility that smoking will be completely banned even at smoking areas.

If a customer does not follow the rules or the instructions of the staff (or security guards), we call the police or the fire station.

If there are any troubles between customers, VOLKS would not take part in the problem resolution. We appreciate your understanding.

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In order to deliver the joy of Dollfie® World to many people

Our staff and press take pictures or video in the event. For advertising purpose, these images are put on website (Volks official website/official report), publications, or used for a TV show recording.
Sometimes, they take pictures or video of the customers and their Dollfie®, please come with your permission for this issue.

  • ○Real-time Report:
    The event will be reported in real time, so all the images are not processed.
  • ○After Report:
    The event will be reported using the edited images at a later date.

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To protect our precious Dollfie® World

Members and relevant parties of organized crime groups or the other antisocial organizations, drunken people, are strictly prohibited to enter the event hall.

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For customers from overseas

At the event, there are staffs who can speak English, Chinese, and Korean. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to them.