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Entrance recommendation (Ticket)

Besides “Official Guidebook / Admission Ticket”,
required respectively for admission and participation to sub-events,
there is also “Xpass”, that lets you enter earlier from the General Admission Line.
Choose the combination that most suits the way you want to enjoy this event.

Guidebook Release Date Xpass Set Release Date Ticket
  • VOLKS WebSite Store
    *No longer available.
  • VOLKS WebSite Store
    *1  Available from: February 16th (Sat) 12:00, 2019 (JST)
    Available until: February 22nd (Fri), 2019 until 24:00 (JST)

    *No longer available at WebSite Store.

Consider various Guidebook Options!
* One of the additional items is included in an Official Guidebook.
These additional items are not available for sale individually.

Order it with an Official Guidebook. ( This option is not available for "Xpass Set".) Option: Dolpa☆Night Entry Ticket
Order it with a Xpass Set or an Official Guidebook. Available until: ~2/24(Sun) *No longer available. Option: [VOLKS NEWS Mini Book] reservation slip

Admission Guide / How to line up (Before the event starts)