Information to guest of Dolls Party

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How to Purchase / Details

Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15 New Dollfie®
Limited Sales at “Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP” in Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15.
Yo-Super Dollfie® Girl “Mako”,  Yo-Super Dollfie® Boy “Dai”
Super Dollfie® Midi Girl “Kira”, 
Super Dollfie® Midi Girl “Nana Sweet Dream Version”
To Special Website (Japanese Text Only)
2018 Spring New Outfits & Items
They will be on display at Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15, and available for sale at Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP.
The items at Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP (Japanese Text Only)

If you want to buy these items,
please line up for “Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP Waiting Line”.

  • * Admission Ticket (Official Guidebook) is necessary. Please purchase them in advance before coming to Dolpa.
  • * We will hold a lottery to decide who can go into the shop first. Please check the details on the Offical Guidebook.

How to participate at “Tenshi-no-Sumika SHOP Waiting Line”
Dolls Party After Event ( Date: March 31st (Sat), 2018 (JST) )
2018 Spring New Outfits & Items released at Dolpa and new Dollfie® listed below will be available for sale at After Event which will take place at VOLKS Stores in Japan.
* Please check the details on After Event special site in our Website or VOLKS News Vol.77.
Special site: Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 15 After Event