Information to guest of Dolls Party

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Please follow the instructions of the staff (or security guards).
The act imposing troubles on the other customers (running, blocking up a passage, dancing, shouting out, making noise) is prohibited.
Please do not sit down on the floor or leave your property unattended for long hours.
No smoking in the Dolpa event hall or in the waiting line.
Please refrain from eating and drinking except in designated areas. (You can eat and drink in Tea Party Booth.)
Attendees may not bring any dangerous objects, alcohol, animals, or Walkie-talkie onto the premises.
No X-rated goods or non-VOLKS ball jointed dolls and soft vinyl dolls are allowed to be carried.
Selling, distributing flyers, and soliciting are prohibited except in designated areas.
Please do not leave trash. Take your trash home or put it into a trash can.
Please tell Information desk about any lost or found property.
No point services or coupon tickets may be used on site.
Credit cards are accepted at the cashier.
Cashiers cannot make change. Please refrain from asking for changes at stores in the surrounding area.
Please have your Dealer Pass visible during the event.
Please make any inquiries about Dealer’s goods directly to the Dealers.
No sales or reservations may be made before the opening of the event.
In Dealer’s Market, selling or displaying copyrighted items without permission is prohibited.
Please do not intrude upon another Dealer’s booth space or photographing space.
We appreciate your cooperation with the press.
Please ask for permission before taking photos. Please do not touch sample displays.
Please refrain from filming without permission.
Please take a rest as soon as possible if you feel sick, and please feel free to contact the staff if you need any help.
At the event, there are staffs who can speak foreign languages. If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to them.
If a customer does not follow the rules or instructions of the staff (or security guards), we call the authorities (police / fire station) at our discretion.