Important Notice about Buying Dollfie Dream® Items from Unofficial Sellers

Last Update : 2018.11.08

Thank you very much for supporting Dollfie Dream®.

Dollfie Dream® products are sold at VOLKS stores and
at our overseas Partner Shop and Friend Shops, who share our Dollfie Dream® concept.

Please be aware that if you buy Dollfie Dream® items from unofficial sellers,
you cannot receive our customer support.
VOLKS cannot guarantee that the products will be delivered in good quality,
without any problems. Problems may include trouble with payment, undelivered products,
recast/counterfeit products, missing parts, defects, and more.
Please be aware of this risk when purchasing from unofficial sellers.

■重要通知:致在VOLKS的官方指定Friend Shop以外的经销商出购买到Dollfie Dream®商品的顾客们

非常感谢您平日对Dollfie Dream®的爱戴。

Dollfie Dream®是由全部Volks经销店、和我们与Dollfie Dream®有着共同理念的海外Partner Shop・Friend Shop指定店铺内贩售。

关于凡是在指定店铺以外的经销商处购买到的商品,Volks是无法接受售后服务,并无法向客户提供产品的质量保证。 由于有付款与邮送时发生问题、假货、零件不足、质量差等风险存在,所以从Friend Shop以外的经销商处购买时,请务必小心谨慎。

Below is the full list of our official Partner Shop and Friend Shop :
以下链接为Partner Shop・Friend Shop :

Store name Country of Delivery
하루하나 -はるはな- South Korea
Tokyo Otaku Mode
Sootang Hobby China
Harvey EUAN Enterprise Limited China
Papattes Store France
星月屋 Hong Kong
Elite Toys Hong Kong, Macao
Graphic Novel Cafe Limited New Zealand Philippines
Toy Coin Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia
Anitama Company Taiwan
Provincia-Anime Thailand
Axia Alalam Trading United Arab Emirates

If you have any questions, please contact :
如果有疑问,请向以下地址取得联系 :
VOLKS Customer Service Center