Color Resin Kit Series CharaGumin. Just assemble the parts made from
colored urethane resin and your figure is complete!

What is CharaGumin

Have you ever had trouble making garage kits?

A lot of tools and skills are needed for the building and painting of garage kits.
However, there is a greater sense of achievement and pleasure to be had from putting in the time and effort to assemble a figure!
You can make it the only one of its kind in the world! This is the essence of garage kit building.

Have you ever felt that there’s something missing from the hobby life?  That it’s just about buying and displaying stuff? We want more people to personally experience the joy that comes from completing something with your own hands!

Making figure assembly more accessible and fun!
It was with this philosophy that
the “CharaGumin” (Character + Assembly) were created.

Volks realized the “CharaGumin” project through its know-how of development and production
that it had accumulated over the years. They’re designed to be very beginner friendly while still
retaining the superb quality Volks is known for.

If you’re not really a painter

Worry not, for all that’s required is the assembly! Even the eyes, which are a big pain in the bum to paint, can be easily finished using the provided sticker!

For those who paint

Due to the way the details on the parts are divided (something only possible with an assembly kit), it is possible to paint almost all the parts without having to do any masking!
Two types of face parts are included for your enjoyment.

The primary goal of any hobby is enjoyment, and nothing is more enjoyable than the sense of satisfaction you get from accomplishment!