All the parts come beautifully colored!
Just look at the quality you end up with just by assembling the parts!


Let’s try assembling Kantan-tan!

Feel like something’s missing from the hobby life? Is it really just about buying and displaying finished products?
Why not have a go at the sense of accomplishment to be had from completing a kit with your own hands!?
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1.Check for missing/faulty parts 2.Removing Excess Material 3.Refining the Part 4.Assembly

Open the box and check if all the parts are there. If something’s missing, let our After-Care Service Department know right away!
* Please inform us about missing/damaged parts within 2 weeks of delivery.

Tidy up the parts by removing excess material resulting from the molding process. Start by making a general cut with pliers, then proceed to tidying up the cut with a knife. Leave as little as possible!

Next get rid of the seam lines. Don’t forget to sand down the remainders from process #2. Tip: Use a red pencil to mark the portion that needs refinement to guide your handiwork.

Assemble with instant glue. Pay attention to the order of assembly!




Bond Glue

Cast Clean

*1 Instant Glue: you cannot use plastic glues for CharaGumin purposes.
We recommend using a fast curing adhesive with low viscosity.
*2 Release Agent Removal: Release agent is a surface residue that gets leftover on the parts as a result of the production process. It can work to prevent paints from sticking onto the surface.
Hence, we suggest spraying the parts with “Cast Clean”, as it is specifically designed to remove the residual release agent. Put the parts in a container and apply the spray generously while shaking.
Then remove and separate the parts for drying.


CharaGumin are much easier to make than regular kits. Just look at how good it looks when complete, even without paint! Go on, take up this challenge! It will be worth your while!