We have assembled the most frequently asked questions from our costumers concerning the CharaGumin!
Click on the question to see the answer. If you have any questions other than listed below,
please feel free to contact us.


Q1. Is painting necessary?
There won’ be any problems even if you don’t paint it.

CharaGumin are made from colored resin, so you can go on and assemble them without painting them. However, we do suggest that you paint your figure for it helps strengthen the bond between the figure and its owner. If you’re not yet confident with painting skills, how about beginning practice with the face? Once you paint in the eyebrows, lashes, and cheeks, you will quickly come to appreciate satisfaction of achievement; in turn this will provide you with the aspiration to undertake more challenges!
Q2. It has been advised to use Release Agent Remover, but is it really necessary?
There is almost no problem with leaving the Released Agent.

Garage Kits produced by Volks are being applied with a special Released Agent, it is ok to leave them as they are. However, residue buildup can be severe, especially in places that are difficult to access. Release agent may repel paints and glues, so the use of release agent is advised.
[What is “Release Agent”?]
During the production process of a Garage Kit, the parts are covered with a special oil containing chemical called release agent. Residue from this can prevent glues and paints from adhering.
[Recommended tools and materials]
ZOUKEI-MURA Cast Clean (Mould Agent Removal) Spray"  (Link to Web Site Store)
* This product cannot be shipped overseas.
Q3. It is specified in the instructions that the type of glue used for plastic models
shouldn’t be used for the CharaGumin. Then exactly what kind of glue should be used?
The recommended instant glues for CharaGumin are as follow:

[ Recommended tools and materials ]

These 3 instant glues are easy to use thanks to their relatively small sizes, so you can use 1 tube for 1 figure.

Zoukei-Mura Gochaku Glue / Liquid instant glue (strong type) Zoukei-Mura Sokuchaku Glue / Liquid instant glue (fast type) Zoukei-Mura Morichaku Glue / Jelly instant glue (jelly type)

* Sales only within Japan.

* “Glue for plastic model kits” stands for a type of glue that fix organic solvent plastic by melting it.
 We recommend using instant glues for the CharaGumin items.
 Because of the limited space available in the instruction manuals, we recommended “middle-viscosity liquid glues” in the manuals,
 but please find below some additional explanations about the differences between the three types of glues and where to use them.

① Liquid instant glue (strong type)
This is a middle-viscosity instant glue.
This type of glue is the most used for the CharaGumin items.
The coefficient of viscosity is higher than in the "fast type" instant glue, hence it is useful when a strong fixation is needed.

② Liquid instant glue (fast type)
This is a dry instant glue.
This type of glue is useful for fixing parts in small gaps or adjusting parts together.

③ Jelly instant glue (jelly type)
The jelly aspect of the instant glue makes it adhesive.
This type of glue is useful to fill in gaps between parts or to glue uneven surfaces.

Q4. Is it ok to paint the parts with a spray?
There is no problem with that.

There is a big variety of canned spray paints: lacquer type paints, water-based acrylic paints, and enamel type paints. We suggest using the canned type Hobby spray (lacquer type paint). Garage Kits are made of urethane resin and won't be melted by the solvent, neither will they break, so you need not worry about it. Feel free to use canned spray paints!
Spray paint is very handy yet difficult to use. For beginners we suggest you practice prior to painting the real thing. Furthermore, the paint has a very strong smell so its strongly recommended that you do not use it in a room with bad ventilation.
An issue with spray paints is the limitation in variety of available colors. In order to avoid this problem we advise using “Vallejo Color” paints.

[What is Vallejo Color?]
Vallejo Color is a product line of acrylic paint produced in Spain. It has strong concealing ability (hides underlying colors) while resonating vibrant colors itself. Due to its water based nature, it is inflammable and does not give off a strong smell. It’s perfect for indoor use, and it’s also possible to mix paints through water. With a selection of over 400 colors, one is able to mix all sorts of colors. Prior to drying it is easily removed with either water or a small amount of alcohol, and once dry it becomes very resistant to water and the paint will not peel easily.

Q5. I’ve broken a part, what should I do?
We can prepare the replacement parts for an additional price.

Please contact the after service personnel if you have broken or damaged any parts. We would be happy to replace them for you, even if it is only a single part. (Please take note that the parts could be rather expensive or not in stock.) The urethane resin can be easily fixed with the use of instant glue; the glue should be strong enough to hold the pieces together. However, some parts have very small joining surfaces, making the colligation unstable. In this situation it would be better to replace the part rather than to try and fix it.