The famous heroine and a possible pioneer of the maids dress,
coming right from the masterpiece of the 90’s (Lost Universe).
Meet the new CharaGumin Canal Volfeed!



Canal Volfeed

Look at that sweet maids dress and those cute eyes!
She is both, the central control system of the space ship “Sword Breaker” and the figure of a beautiful girl.
“Hey, come on! Why don’t you buy me?”

★HOBBY ROUND 7 special limited offer: poster drawn by Ms. Shouko Yoshinaka
※Poster design is the same as the package art.


10,000 JPY (+fee)

 Release Date:

April 28, 2012

 Sculpted by:


 Height :

22cm (1/6 scale)

 Total Parts:

52 pieces
* Also included: eye stickers
Canal VolfeedCanal VolfeedCanal Volfeed
Canal VolfeedCanal Volfeed