DWC 2013 Dollfie(R) Makeup Championship Final Qualification Round. Thank you for your participation.
From January 12, 2013, DWC2013-related products has been released; several months later, the Preliminary Qualification Round, which is a tough competition filled with strong competitors, was held in VOLKS headquarter.
Then, the top picks from the Preliminary Qualification Round had been displayed in Tenshi-no-Sato, Tenshi-no-Mado, and DWC special website. Subsequently, the Dollfie(R) Makeup Championship Final Qualification Round voting had begun.
In the Dollfie(R) Makeup Championship Final Qualification voting, we received a lot of votes from all over the world, even more than our expectations.
Finally…the winner has been elected from all the entries. Now, it is time to introduce the champion among those beautiful entries that was very difficult to choose.
Dollfie(R) Makeup Championship Winner:Entry No.1 Theme: Energetic Girl  PN: Tendon Model: SD13 Girl, DWC Head #02
So, which one is the second place winner!?
There are two entries elected as the second place winner because of the narrow margin of vote. Second place (winner): Entry No.5 Theme: Gideon, the fantasy elf healer with a strong spirit PN: Angel Toast  Model: SD13 Girl, DWC Head #02
Second place (winner): Entry No.8 Theme: Detective PN: Catherine Model: SDGr Boy, DWC Head #01
Dollfie(R) World Cup 2013 has fallen of the curtain.
We are truly grateful that there are so many participants not only from Japan, but also from all over the world. Thank you very much to all of our participants.
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