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Vallejo’s new products will be on sale on Saturday, August 4, 2018.
18 new MODEL AIRs, 12 new COLOR SETs, and 4 VALLEJO SCENICs!!

  • ■ Vallejo New Items

    • item
      18 new MODEL AIRs!

      MODEL AIR is the most basic series for air brushes.
      Don't need dilution. It is in an appropriate thickness for spray painting.
      The same color tone, hiding power, and coating film strength.
      Suitable to paint lightly with a normal paintbrush.

      17ml each color

    • item
      10 new AIR WAR Color Series!

      Soviet/Russian colors are the new additions to this series.
      Accurate color reproduction based on the latest information and rare archive materials!
      Only one box makes it possible to complete a painting of a whole aircraft; from basecoat to detail painting.
      A color lineup for the US and German battleplanes varies in war and age from WWII to the present.
      Aircraft modelers will be satisfied!

      Set of 8 Colors / 17ml each color

    • item

      A new genre


      Special colors for fantasy character figures!

    • item

      A new genre


      Vallejo launches new products: super realistic diorama bases!
      Made of white resin, it will create your ideal scene only with a brief painting.
      Perfect for AFV models in 1/35 scale!

  • ■ Model Color

    • item
      Model Color

      Enjoy a smooth brush painting with this wide range of paints.
      Indicated for miniatures or extreme details.
      Also usable with airbrush if diluted with the special "Vallejo Thinner".

      17ml each color

  • ■ Model Air

    • item
      Model Air

      Vallejo's basic type of paints for airbrush.
      To use on very thin details like faces, as the tip of the airbrush will not clog.
      The newly added colors will broaden the possibility of reproducing planes from the Great War Japanese and US Navy aircrafts to present ones.

      17ml each color

  • ■ Game Color

    • item
      Game Color

      "Wash", a new category appears!
      Beforehand lightened new special items join the "Game Color" line-up, perfect to paint human and monsters.
      You can use them as finishers or to draw clothes' shades: the way to use them is infinite!

      17ml each color

  • ■ Game Air

    • item
      Game Air

      Special colors perfect for Character figures araise as the awaited new brand of the already abundant "Game Color" adjusted for airbrush use!!
      Besides the basic original colors, these fantastic special colors will broaden your painting options.

      17ml each color

  • ■ Mecha Color

    • item
      Mecha Color

      Easy for your brush and also your airbrush!
      You can mix them with the other Vallejo Colors!!

    • item
      Mecha Color Varnish

      17ml, 60ml, 200ml each color

    • item
      Mecha Color Primers

      17ml, 60ml, 200ml each color

    • item
      Mecha Color Wash

      17ml each color

  • ■ Panzer Aces

    • item
      Panzer Aces

      Colors to reproduce tank corp uniforms and general military uniforms from World War II.
      Especially for Luftwaffe colors, you can also reproduce the camouflage drawn on the uniforms or tents.
      Also, specific colors for base and highlight have been prepared in every tone, to give that particular atmosphere to the uniform just by painting over and over.

      17ml each color

  • ■ Premium Color

    • item
      Premium Color

      Classified as "acrylic polyurethane paint", perfect for thick painting on wood or polycarbonate! With Vallejo, you have loads of vivid colors, effective for finishing wooden models or RC Cars.

      * This series is not indicated for plastic models painting.

      60ml each color

  • ■ Primers

    • item

      The undercoating agents that suit airbrush spray.
      Primers are generally transparent, but Vallejo's line-up is in fact colorful!
      As color is softly darkened, if you recoat the primer as the basic color, you can get a "soft coating with a strong finish"!!

      17ml, 60ml, 200ml each color

  • ■ Pigments

    • item

      Special colors meant to reproduce sand traces, mud etc. as it creates small irregularities when applying.
      While the current line-up was more focused on "the dirt of buildings and ground", the core of the new line-up is colors to reproduce "rust or metal dirt" of boats, tanks and airplanes.
      Get a stronger effect by using it along with Vellejo's metallic colors!

      30ml each color

    • item
      Pigment Set

      Collection of 4 Pigment sets for painting models and miniatures.


  • ■ Model Wash

    • item
      Model Wash

      Usable for all weathering and inking along with washing!
      Try to reproduce many "effects" some colors can do, like the rust color, the so called "European Dust"because of the particular dust of Europe, "White Dirt" or the oil flow.

      35ml each color

  • ■ Metal Color

    • ■ What is Metal Color
      Fine quality metal reproduction to enjoy with your airbrush! A new breeze on your metallic painting! 2 possible way of finishing your basic coat!!
      New water-based acrylic Metal Color paints especially designed for airbrushing, and developed with the latest generation of aluminium pigments!
      Even though you can use them without the need of a primer to enjoy a beautiful result, these paints show their potential when combined with a "Glossy Black Primer"!
      Use them for basic coat to get a deeper metal expression!!

    • item
      Metal Color (Basic Colors)

      Gold, silver, copper, gun-metallic etc., a greatly diversified line-up of tones!
      You can use these excellent colors with your airbrush without the need of a thinner!!
      Easy to fix, they form a solid coat on metallic parts and, of course, on plastic!!

      32ml each color

    • item
      Metal Color (For coating / finishing)

      Use the "Glossy Black Primer" on the base coat to get a deeper final effect!
      Recommended for fuselage and components of aircrafts, or to reproduce worn out metal parts.
      To effectively protect the post-paint glaze, "Glossy Coat"will be released at the same time!!

      * These items cannot be used alone for metal painting reproduction! Please use them in combination with the basic colors

      Gloss Black Primer / 32ml, 60ml, 200ml
      Gloss Metal Varnish / 32ml, 60ml

    • item
      Metal Color Set Gold, Silver & Copper

      For SF character models!
      The infamous "Metal Color(solvent based)" goes Model Color!
      * We recommend you a lacquer thinner to wash your brush.


  • ■ Tool

    • item
      Airbrush Cleaning Pot

      From now on, a must have for cleaning your airbrush!
      This glass pot will prevent you from staining the room by paint leaks, or leaving undesired smell!!
      Recommended for not trouble your beloved family and pet!

      ■ How to use the "Airbrush Cleaning Pot"!
      After airbrush painting with Vallejo colors, put some water or "Airbrush thinner"in the pot, as a diluent.
      Insert the airbrush nozzle in the opening of the lid and do the jet washing.
      Since the pot's main body is transparent, paint leftovers are pretty visible.
      Thanks to the filter the air inside the pot gets cleaned and eventually expelled.

    • item
      Desktop Workstand

      This elegantly assembled wooden stand perfectly fits with Vallejo series!
      Straight line-type "Center Module" and cornered type "Corner Module" available.
      More than two stands also connectable!!

    • item
      Wall Mounted Paint Display

      Stylish assembly!
      Super convenient, just hang it on the wall, taking no space!!
      Made in order to store each size of Vallejo colors!!
      You can also put it on a table!

      17ml, 35/60ml

    • item
      Vallejo sparebottle

      Useful to keep Vallejo mixed colors!

      contains 4 bottles of 17ml

  • ■ Color Set

    • item
      AFV Painting System Collection

      A useful color set to paint perfectly a whole tank, from the base coat to the small details, with just one box!
      Especially for military uniforms and World War II tanks of every country.
      Every period of History is lined up in details. You can complete all you favorite "historical vehicles" to their points. Give it a try!!

      8ml each color

    • item
      AIR WAR Color Series

      The ultimate set for aircraft modelers!!
      Based on an extensive study and review of the exact shades of the available documentation and most recent bibliographies!
      With just one box you can paint thoroughly one aircraft, from the base paint to the smallest details.
      From World War II until now, all the patterns of US and German Airforces, a complete line-up of all the ages and warfield.

      Set of 8 Colors / 17ml each color

    • item
      DESERT WAR (Zenith Transformation)

      Surface treatment agent and diluted liquid related products, plus a professional brush: this is the ultimate set! Right perfect!
      From the case straight to the palette!

      Set of 6 Colors + 1 Primer, 2 Pigments, 1 Varnish, 1 Medium, 2 Brushes / 17ml each color
      *Pigment only is 30ml

    • item
      Other COLOR SETs

      Vallejo's COLOR SETs are not only for AFV…
      A wide variety of items for expressing realistic dirt, painting special vehicles, and other specific uses!

  • ■ Weathering Effects & Diorama Effect

    • item
      Weathering Effects

      Mud, oil, dust, grass ...put on and you can reproduce "real dirt"!!
      Divided in four categories for each use purpose, besides mud, geographical and atmospheric conditions, wear-effect is also reproducible!!

      40ml each color

    • item
      Diorama Effect

      New development following the highly-appreciated "Weathering Effect" series!
      200ml big size; water, sand and many other natural expressions possible with this unseen new colors!!

      ・Three new colors to reproduce water, sand etc.!
      ・Big size, largely usable for a diorama!
      ・Reproduce the corrugations just by laying it on!

      200ml each color

    • item
      Diorama Effect Set Mud & Puddles

      A selection of 4 auxiliary products for the effects of wet Mud & Puddles on models and dioramas.
      This new set includes a step by step guide by Chema Cabrero to assist in creating the desired effects.


  • ■ Others

    • item
      Polyurethane Varnish

      "Polyurethane Varnish" is the water-based clear coat agent, created by Vallejo with the most recent technologies!
      Stronger and nicer, just by gently laying it on the painted surface!!
      Three types available: gloss, matt, semi-gloss!!

      ■Recommended for
      (1) Matting, decal flattening!
      (2) Miniature coating reinforcement!
      (3) Clear part glossing!
      (4) Car model mirror finish!
      (5) Chrome paint overcoat!

      60ml、200ml each color

    • item
      Acrylic Pumice

      After being available for so long only for a few units, "Acrylic Pumice" is back!! The paste-material widely appreciated for its easiness to spread!!
      Recommended for dioramas!

      ・This is no putty! No solvent smell!
      ・"Granular" material!
      ・Easy to scoop and to set down!


    • item
      Flow improver

      What is Flow Improver?
      When you used Vallejo Colors with your airbrush you were also like “What if color dries up while I’m airbrushing and pigment gets stuck in the tip of the needle of the hand piece?”. Use this additive meant to tackle that problem. Mix it before use and it will take much more time before colors dry up!!

      *This products is not a thinner. For paint dilution and for cleansing use specific products as Vallejo Airbrush Thinner or water.


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