• February 3, 2017

    Two big projects which celebrate the opening of “SNOW MIKU 2017” !!

    We have special joint projects on the VOLKS Website Store to celebrate the opening of “SNOW MIKU 2017”!

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  • December 1, 2016
    【Notice about the Delivery】
    DD Hatsune Miku Carrying Case:
    We split the shipments into two groups.

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  • November 14, 2016

    Mikuzukin, re-re-released♪

    What happens twice will happen three times!
    Thank you for waiting! Mikuzukin Set is re-re-released♪

    ■Available at : “Dolls Party 36” on Sunday, December 18th 2016.
    ■Available at : “Dolls Party 36 After Event” on Saturday, January 21st, 2017.

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  • October 31, 2016

    DD Hatsune Miku Carrying Case

    No longer accepting pre-orders!
    Thank you very much for all of your pre-orders.

    * At Website Store, we will update the information about shipment and payment of the items.



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