The special Base where you can put all the 1/16 scale "Anglerfish Team" is ready!



1/16 Panzer IV D-Type Base

Here's the Panzer IV D-Type Base for your 5 "Anglerfish Team" figures!
Despite being detailed like a real scale model, just a few number of parts make it easy to build! Cute marking decals included!


10,000 JPY (+fee)

 Pre-order Period:

from March 7th, 2015 to March 29th, 2015
* Accepting pre-orders has been closed.

 Sculpted by:

Zoukei-mura Inc.

 Height :

1/16 Scale

 Total Parts:

20 pieces
Comes with eye stickers.
* Panzer IV D-Type Base is an item specially produced for customers who placed pre-orders, and will not be generally released.
Panzer IV D-Type Base
Panzer IV D-Type Base
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