The strongest Earth Engine: "Final Expand!!"



Earth Engine Impacter

From the hot robot Anime "Captain Earth", "the world's first manned impacter" piloted by Manatsu Daichi, the hero, gallantly showed up!
We thoroughly examined the "design concept" of Mr. Shigeto Koyama to recreate as a kit this beautiful standing posture that reminds its "brave pose done just after the Final Expand".
The unique and massive proportions of the eye-catching arms and fists, and the finely worked-out surface structure which shapes the head and the body make an overwhelming quality, condensing its "virility"into this 20cm high figure!
Enjoy this supreme robot by assembling it by your hands!


19,000 JPY (+fee)

 Release Date:

Available Now!

 Sculpted by:

Zoukei-mura Inc.

 Height :

(non Scale)
Approximately 20cm

 Total Parts:

111 pieces
Earth Engine Impacter
Earth Engine Impacter