CharaGumin Amil brings you an exceptional happiness.
She is a witch who makes magic breads for you.




Amil, who is reliable, and peacemaker for everyone in the “Le coeur,” will be to you as a CharaGumin earlier than anywhere!!
Her active movement and energetic expression are recreated! CharaGumin Amil brings you a fluffy magic♪

*At first, it was announced to be released as “Moekore PLUS (finished products)”, but we have decided to change its specifications to Charagumin. We appreciate your understanding.


13,000 JPY (+fee)

 Release Date:

January 1st, 2014

 Sculpted by:

Zoukei-mura Inc.

 Height :

(1/7 Scale)
Approximately 22.5cm

 Total Parts:

34 pieces
Comes with eye stickers.