We introduce you KOS-MOS ver.4 from “Xenosaga EPISODE III” in big scale.
It is the second CharaGumin figure in 1/4 scale from the “Absolute Zone” series.



1/4 KOS-MOS ver.4

The second figure of our newly revived 1/4 scale “Absolute Zone” series color resin kit “CharaGumin”. In response to the passionate demandsof “Xenosaga EPISODE III” fans, we’ve created a renewal of our masterpiece “KOS-MOS.”It is a “choice is yours” edition, containing both a cold cast made statue edition, and a single color molding kit edition that was released with great success in the past. Display the figure alongside her old enemy “T-elos,” and truly enjoy the magnificent beautiful world of molding.


58,000 JPY (+fee)

 Release Date:

April 27, 2013 (Sat)

 Sculpted by:

(Zoukei-Mura Inc.)

 Height :

about 46 cm (1/4 scale)
Equipped with the Dragon Tooth Sword: 55cm

 Total Parts:

206 pieces
(2 types of eye and marking decals included)
KOS-MOS ver.4