If you don’t buy me, I will torture you, grind you and smash you to pieces.



Etna & Prinny

A new CharaGumin coming right from the “most extreme tactical RPG in history ” !
Based on the official illustration, the most evil pair, “Etna ” and “Prinny ” have been thoroughly reproduced!!


14,000 JPY (+fee)

 Release Date:

September 22, 2012

 Sculpted by:

Rintaro Kamio

 Height :

about 22cm (non scale)

 Total Parts:

60 pieces
Eye stickers included

Etna has joined the Chibi CharaGumin series!!

Etna & PrinnyEtna & PrinnyEtna & Prinny
Etna & PrinnyEtna & PrinnyEtna & Prinny
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