The self‐appointed idol of the 7th volunteer platoon
“Edy Nelson” makes her debut appearance!!



Edy Nelson

Her cute pose and her fit bodyline are really attractive!!
The arms of the 7th volunteer platoon on the swimsuit
are also available as a decal.


6,800 JPY (+fee)

 Sculpted by:

Toshiaki Takami

 Height :

about 19 cm (1/8 scale)

 Total Parts:

21 pieces (eye decals included)

 How to Purchase:

Event limited offer.
 Event: “CharaGumin Swimwear Festival” (This event is closed)
  • Limited release from July 1st (Sat) to August 31st (Thu) 2017 at every VOLKS Showroom in Japan, Akihabara Hobby Paradise, Hobby Square, and VOLKS Website Store.
  • Also available at the VOLKS booth during
    the "Wonder Festival 2017 (Summer)" event on July 30th (Sun) 2017, and the "C3AFA TOKYO 2017" event on August 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun) 2017 (the venue for both events is the Makuhari Messe in Chiba).
  • * Available only during the exhibitions or special events organized by Volks. This item will not be generally available. We will stop accepting orders as soon as the figure is sold out. So don’t miss your chance.
Edy NelsonEdy NelsonEdy Nelson
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