Summer limited item! "Santa in swimsuit" is coming!!



Christmas Ver.

A plump and cute Santa in swimsuit appears at this midsummer hobby event!
Thorough reproduction in almost bursting proportions of the illustration revealed late 2014 on the Internet by the illustrator Santa Tsuji!!
All the essential details from her stomach's wrinkles to the sensual line running from her back to her hips; her whole body is perfect!
The snowman pedestal is perfectly reproducted in colors!
Heavy large body ☆ Please complete her by your hands and with love ☆


13,000 JPY (+fee)

 Sculpted by:


 Height :

Approximately 13cm (1/8 Scale)

 Total Parts:

66 pieces
Comes with eye stickers

 Release Date:

Event limited offer.
  • Available at “HOBBY ROUND 18 in Joint Festival 6” on December 17th 2017.
  • * Available only during the exhibitions or special events organized by Volks. This item will not be generally available. We will stop accepting orders as soon as the figure is sold out. So don’t miss your chance.
  • SUPER POCHACO Christmas Ver.SUPER POCHACO Christmas Ver.SUPER POCHACO Christmas Ver.

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