"Behold the power of a goddess!"
The ultimate Goddess guardian descents in CharaGumin!



Purple Heart

From the famous "Hyperdimension Neptunia: THE ANIMATION", Neptune heroine is made in a stylish CharaGumin with her Goddess appearance.
The mechanical design of her processor unit and the sharp silhouette of her wings and large sword contrast with her soft expression and maidenliness.
Her body line strengthened by the leotard is her charm point!
With colorful parts and marking decals in addition to your love, the ultimate Purple Heart will reveal herself!!


16,000 JPY (+fee)

 Release Date:

Available Now!

 Sculpted by:

Zoukei-mura Inc.

 Height :

(1/8 Scale)
Approximately 24cm

 Total Parts:

106 pieces
Comes with eye stickers
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
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