"I will live, breaking the world."
This famous animation series is adapted into CharaGumin!!




The firm body lines and expressions of this proud female warrior, determined to fight against the "world" opposing to the fate, are reproduced. Also, by replacing some parts you can recreate the heroine with a jacket on her shoulders! Lovers of Ange, we offer you the "joy of building" !!

*Accepting Order period has been finished.


9,900 JPY (+fee)

 Release Date:

Available Now!

 Sculpted by:

Zoukei-mura Inc.

 Height :

(1/8 Scale)
Approximately 21cm

 Total Parts:

42 pieces
Comes with eye stickers and Name board stickers.

Bonus item offered for early purchase!!
Specially made mini colored paper of Ms. Ono Sayaka’s illustration!!

Get a lovely bonus by purchasing early this set!
A mini colored paper of a beautiful illustration made just for CharaGumin
by Ono Sayaka comes with the figure!!
The never seen “Ange holding nippers” illustration encourages you who face the kit’s build!

Size : 120mm×135mm
* Bonus item available in limited quantity. As we run out of stocks, it will no longer be offered.

Accepting Order period has been finished.