Doll Point - ボークス ドールポイント秋葉原


Doll Point(ドルポ)秋葉原

ラジオ会館 さあ、改札出たら、光の速さでドルポへGo!!


営業時間 平日  11:00~20:00
土日祝 10:00~20:00 年中無休
所在地 〒101-0021
東京都千代田区外神田1-15-16 ラジオ会館8F


ドルポ秋葉原 お買い物のご案内 Doll Point Akihabara Shopping Guidelines

ご購入の前に … Before making purchase

  • 店頭表示価格は(一部委託販売品を除く)全て税抜き表記です。
  • ●購入後の返品や交換は致しかねます。パーツ、ドレスの対応サイズは必ずご確認をお願いいたします。
  • *Price tags show prices without tax (except for some consigned goods)
  • *No return No exchange *Please check the sizes of parts and outfits before purchase.

ご予約・お取り寄せについて … Reservation / Order

  • ●ドルポ秋葉原で完売していても、ご予約やお取り寄せ可能な商品がございます。
  • ●ご予約やお取り寄せは海外発送いたしません。また、代理のお名前でのご予約やお取り寄せは承れませんのでご了承ください。
  • *Even if an item is sold out at Doll Point Akihabara, there is a possibility that you can reserve it or we can back order it for you when other stores have stocks (except for some Limited Items). Please feel free to ask our staff.
  • *We cannot ship your reserved / back-ordered item overseas. No one can reserve or back order an item on behalf of you. Your kind understanding is appreciated.

お支払について … Payment

  • ●現金・クレジッカード・銀聯カード・ギフト券・商品券のご利用が可能です。対応のクレジット・ギフト券・商品券に付きましてはスタッフにお問い合わせください。
  • ●デビット支払い・Alipay・交通機関カードはご利用いただけません。その他、詳細に付きましてはスタッフにお問い合わせください。
  • ●VS会員へのご入会、会員カードのご提示はお会計前にお願いいたします。お会計後のVポイント付与やご利用の変更は承れませんのでご了承ください。
  • ●Vポイントのご利用はご登録のご本人様に限ります。
  • *We accept Cash, Credit Card, China Union Pay, Gift Card, and Gift Certificate.Please ask our staff about what kinds of cards and certificates are acceptable.
  • *We do not accept Debit Card, Alipay, or Prepaid IC Card for public transportation.Please ask our staff for the details.
  • *Please show us your VS membership card before making payment. We cannot add V points to your card / you cannot use your V points once payment is made. If you'd like to jointhe membership, please ask our staff before making payment.
  • *Only the person who is registered as a member can use his / her V points.

ご購入いただいた後に … After Purchase

  • ●万が一初期不良や不具合があった場合は、2週間以内にご購入時のレシートをお持ちの上、お問い合わせください。
  • *If you find your item damaged or defective, please make an inquiry with a sales receipt within two weeks of purchase.

ボークス会員のご案内 Invitation to VOLKS Membership

世界最速でドルフィー®最新情報がお手元に届くボークス会員へ ぜひご入会ください。
※ご入会は日本在住の方に限ります。その他会員規約はコチラ →

You can get the latest information about Dollfie® earlier than non-members! Please join VOLKS Membership.
*Only the customers who live in Japan can join the Membership. Please check the other membership agreement.

ボークスの会員は3種類  3 types of VOLKS Membership

ご入会方法  How to join Membership

Vポイント会員 VS会員 VIP VISAカード会員


▋How to Join: V Point Membership
Please fill in an application form.
We issue a card right away.


▋How to Join: VS Membership
Please fill in an application form and pay an annual fee
(1,000 JPY/without tax).
You can have a card, a VOLKS News and other members-only benefits right away.

特典満載の「ボークスVIP VISAカード」の詳細はコチラ

▋How to Join: VIP VISA Card Membership
Please apply via our website. You will have a card, a VOLKS News, and other members-only benefits at a later date.
Please check the details of a good value card "VOLKS VIP VISA Card"

免税のご案内 Guidelines for tax free shopping


We are offering tax free shopping for visitors from foreign countries.
● You can enjoy tax-free shopping with purchase more than 5000 JPY (without tax).
● To apply for tax exemption; show your passport to the cashier.
● Not applied to non-tax-free items or customers who cannot receive tax exemption.
● We are not able to exempt tax after the payment has been done.
● Please show the purchase proof document at Customs without taking it off from your Passport.
● 合计金额5,000日元(不含税)以上时、可以为您免税
● 希望免税的顾客、请事先出示您的护照
● 在非免税对象商品及非免税对象资格的情况下不适用
● 结账付款后不再接受免税要求
● 免税小票不要和护照分开,在飞机场被检查时、出示此票即可
이 점포는 면세점입니다.
● 합계 5,000엔(세금 별도) 이상 구매하시면 면세 가능합니다.
● 면세를 희망하시는 분께서는 결제 전 여권을 제시해 주십시오.
● 면세대상 제외상품이나 면세대상이 아니신 고객님께는 적용되지 않습니다.
● 결제 완료 후 면세 수속은 불가능합니다.
● 면세 용지는 여권과 함께 공항에서 보여주셔야 합니다.